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Saturday 01/18/2020 8:00 PM

Well, with the help of Comptiaexamtest my students have passed their cert exams, some of them. enough to secure my job for at least another session. Them passing their exams under my instruction however, has inspired me to get back on my own studying and furthering my skill set. I have decided to focus on the Network+ and the Pentest+. I also am going to ask for budget to attend a SANS training.

My next raspberry pi project will be for an attendance system that I can implement in the classrooms before I leave PS. I want them to use RFID/HID and proximity badges that will be assigned to students. We will see how this goes.

dont forget to check out Sneaky Cyber for more updates on cyber resources and projects.

Thursday 01/02/2020 6:47 PM

Hello interwebs. I have reconfigured this webpage and the server it is sitting on. I have decided to put some analytics on the page, and to add some meaningful content. I also went and added a domain name, just one that I purchased awhile back that has been sitting on an instagram account. I am curious if this page will generate traffic, or not. Being that it is self-hosted. Next, I am working on getting the site a self-signed digital certificate, finding a more appealing html/css style template, and actually adding some orginal content. one step at a time. HNY!

Saturday 11/30/2019 09:13 PM

This page required me to install a LEMP server on a Raspberry Pi 4, and configure port forwarding on my home router to make it accessible from the internet! Check out thepi.io

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